Floor Markings for Emergency Evacuation

One of the most important parts of any workplace safety program is ensuring that everyone has a safe evacuation route in the event of an emergency. In fact, in almost all cases it is necessary for there to be at least two routes that people can take to get out of a building. This is important because if a fire or other hazard is blocking one path out, they need to be able to escape in a different direction.

When planning an emergency evacuation strategy for a facility you need to make sure that it is easy to follow. Keep in mind that the times when this is most important will be the times when there is an emergency going on so people aren’t thinking clearly. This is why it is so important to have simple guides that people can follow. In many cases, this means using floor markings that direct people where they need to go.

Types of Floor Markings

There are many different types of floor markings on the market today. Finding the ones that will work best to guide people in an emergency is very important. Some of the different options, and how they can be used, are listed here:

  • Emergency Exit Markings – Placing large markings on the floor that say emergency exit, and then point in the direction people need to go is a great option for many places.
  • Colored Floor Marking Tape – Floor marking tape is another great option that many companies use. Choosing one color that is designated for indicating which way people should go in an emergency makes it very easy to follow.
  • Glow in the Dark Tape – In many emergencies the lights may not be working. Even if you have emergency lighting, there are often places in a facility that will get quite dark. Using glow in the dark floor marking tape will provide a very visible path that people should follow.
  • Traction Tape – If your facility uses a lot of water, oil, or other slippery items it may be a good idea to install traction tape in places where people will need to travel. This will help to prevent slips and falls, which could make an emergency situation that much more dangerous.

Of course, there are many other types of floor marking tape that can be used. Coming up with a plan on how to use floor markings for emergency evacuation will help ensure everyone in the facility is able to get out safely in the event of an emergency.

Training Employees

It is not enough to just put down floor marking tape to guide employees out of the facility during an emergency. When there is an emergency it is very likely that people won’t know exactly what they should be doing if they have not been shown in the past. For this reason, it is critical that you provide employees with the proper training.

Fortunately, training people on the meanings of various floor markings is not difficult at all. Most people will have no trouble picking up the information that you are giving them. To make it even easier, many companies will put up signs with reminders on the different types of floor markings that are being used in the facility. This will serve as a constant reminder to the employees on what they need to look for in the event of an emergency.

These types of signs can also be a great resource for people who are in the facility who may not work there regularly. This could be contractors, visitors, vendors, or new employees. Having a sign up letting people know about the emergency evacuation floor marking plan will ensure they can follow the plan and escape from the area more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

Coming Up with a Floor Marking Plan

The first step in making sure that your facility has the right floor markings for emergency evacuation is coming up with the right evacuation plan. Identify the best exit paths from every area in the facility. From there, determine what types of markings will be most effective in conveying the message that people need to see. Once all the planning has been done, you can begin offering employees the training they need and installing the floor markings throughout

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